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The misadventures of the mishap-prone girl.That's her,alright.

English is fine!

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Journal Entry: Tue Jan 15, 2013, 6:42 AM
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1. If you could try out one thing in your life, no matter what, what would that be?
Uhm, living alone in Japan! It's pretty tame yes I know but I've always wanted to do that, like, live alone in a middle-to-small sized apartment and everything, maybe in Shinjuku or Sendai (hey when I went there before the quake it was really awesome, I honestly believe that when it rebuilds itself it will be just as beautiful), so like not too into the city so that there's still some space and character of land but still accessible. Sendai would be nice because Hokkaido and Tokyo are both a not-too-long train trip away. But Shinjuku because I love Tokyo as well, so maybe closer is a bit better? Ohh but honestly, just to live there would be amazing I don't care where.

2. Tell me the most embarrassing event in your life so far >DDDDDDD
Oh God uhhh//// Must I///
...I guess so far it was when he dance lifted me haha. This happened in Australia. Said guy is one of my childhood friends, he's older than be by a couple years. He's a semi-pro dancer (he's so cool dsfagjkdksa) and I'm a complete noob at it but he knows I was in gym so he persuaded me to try. I was scared shitless to be honest, but I plucked up my shreds of courage and went for it. I fell a few times and he caught me (haha there was once I fell and he apologised because he gripped the wrong part of my waist/hip area), and you'd think that would be embarrssing because it was awkward right?


I think it was one of the better times because I was pretty stable and he could walk around. So he carried me over his head to my dad and was like "Look Uncle, I'm manhandling your daughter 8D" with that grin on his face and I'm just up there literally being 'manhandled' and I'm like asdfghjk- DAD DON'T LISTEN TO HIM QAQ and he's down there happily carrying me around everywhere and I'm like EEEEEEHHH QAQ DON'T DROP ME and then when he finally put me down my whole face was red and my ears go red when I get embarrassed SO I GOT TEASED BY HIM and I was like why this is your fault in the first place why //hides face

On another note, I get embarrassed easily, and I blush. So my friends in school will constantly make me blush because my ears will turn red and they think it's cute (NO IT IS NOT YOU GUYS WHY WOULD YOU SAY SUCH A THING sdfghjk). So having people touch my ears to 'encourage' them to become red and stuff is another one of those embarrassing things because they like doing it everywhere. //yay

3. Which is your most favorite ship of MY OCs? [you can also make one up if you want]
...thiiiis is a tough question. Probably because I've been *cough* writing things *cough* *coughchokewheeze* *cough*
I don't know if Crim x Kiriu counts because she gave me Crim so idek man, but that aside (IT'S MY FIRST OTP SHOOSH I WROTE SO MUCH FOR THEM I LOVE THEM OKAY SHUT UP GO AWAY) K x K took me for a pretty big emotional rollercoaster-ish trip. But I've written so much Benny x Creator that I've really grown a little attached to them. They're versatile, I've grown fond of writing them. But I guess all in all I can't honestly say that I have a //favourite// pairing per se though.

4. Do you like me? //hides// If yes-- why? ; 7 ; //kicksstupidinferiorcomplex
YES I LIKE YOU I LIKE YOU I LOVE YOU :heart: It's because you are my otou-san and you take good care of me and I love you very much <3 <3 <3 You're pro and awesome and I am so lucky to have known you and I can't believe you still talk to me and I just - //blown away

...I like you is a serious understatement. Just...remember that//

5. Kiss; with or without tongue? |D
...I haven't gotten my first kiss yet so without please QAQ (for now at least,ohoho) I think I would be quite shocked if my first kiss came with tongue. That would be... pretty damn shocking. I-I mean it'll be nice to get a gentle kiss first before you get too serious right? And I might be so surprised I choke. That wouldn't be nice. But well I guess if they warn me or I get really really into it then... maaaybe. Hahaha whatever, (despite all that I write) I'm still inexperiencedin this matter, so sue me. I guess I'll eventually try if I ever get a boyfriend.

...most roundabout answer ever.

6. Your most favorite plz ?
:iconwhatwhereplz: <== summary of Jenn in one plz //epic

7. LET ME LOVE UUUUUUUUUUUU :iconlazehumpplz:
BUT BUT BUT WHYYYY- :iconcraiplz:

...I am not worthy,master. //bows

8. Tell me your weirdest dream so far~
I have this strange recurring dream that I'm exploring this weird image-world thing. It's the same scene but paused so nothing moves, everything is frozen in time and I just walk through the world. Sometimes I see strange, vivid images and that's usually what I remember for those few moments when you first awaken and you're not yet lucid, but I usually forget the image soon after. But when the dream recurs it's the same world, that I know, but I take different routes, and I see different things. I don't think I ever take the same route twice, because I don't think I've remember the same image twice, but who knows. I don't remember a lot of those dreams. I just see the images that the dream makes me see.

Then I forget them all. (line break for dramatic effect HAHA)

9. Do you like it rough of soft andyouknowwhatImean? :iconimsopervyplz:
...amgh please don't ask your writer this kind of question. OF COURSE I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN YOU asdfghjk >/////< what why would you say why would you even ask such a thing QAQ
For the record though, I prefer it soft at first. AT FIRST. Maybe it can get rougher later but LEAVE IT FOR LATER FOR GOD'S SAKE can I please get used to it first. Unless I ask for it. Then do as you wish, because I asked for it.

...or unless I am so in love with you I'd take anything.Then do as you wish. //blushes and averts eyes
yet another roundabout answer GOSH//

10. Any person you love so much you'd like to mention here? Tell them something you always wanted to tell them!

I'll just list em' all then//
:iconshoujo-s: OH GOD WHAT DO I SAY I MISS YOU SO MUCH //sobs Timezones suck balls. Your questions are also terribly difficult. You must like making me suffer. BUT I STILL LOVE YOU ANYWAYS :iconslowhugplz: I'll love you always haha, just note me and we'll talk. Oh yes we will talk. AND I NEED TO TRY TO CATCH YOU ON WEEKENDS sdfghjk-

:iconcelestialelements: She's like a big sister ahaha but she's always so pessimistic about herself QAQ but she's awesome I like her very much too~~ Watching her stream is a lot of fun haha and she was there when I was sick, talking and RPing with her made me feel a lot better so THANK YOU SO MUCH :heart: I hope we get to be much better friends //smiles

:iconn0vakun: OKAA-CHAN :D :D OH GOSH OUR RP IT'S TERRIBLY CUTE I'm dying inside~~ She also nursed me through my sick period haha even though I kicked her off the bed several times because dammit woman I ain't giving you that flu it was terrible okay :I But she's an awesome okaa-san and she makes me feel so loved and and - I love her very much////

:iconsimplylego: I FINALLY HAVE SOMEONE TO TALK TO AND FAN EVERYWHERE ABOUT GAMES AAAAHHH WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE. I mean you like everything from horror games to classic things like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon andn what's not to love about that omg// Go watch Portal. DO ET. You will never regret it omg. The feels is just //hnngh-

:iconvongolaa: for just being so supportive ;w; Even though I deny half her compliments they really make me feel better about myself haha (also her questions were a heck lot easier to do than these ones HAHAHAHAHA) and she's always there and she's really sweet and ughuhu- I'm so glad I met her///



1. Do you MOO?
...I have been told (by my brother dearest) THAT I AM HALF COW (I have two stomachs, one for regular food and a completely separate one for dessert) so yes, I moo.

...ON OCCASION. I am only half cow. Not full cow. Half cow. There is a difference.

2. Favourite Studio Ghibli movie?

...BUT IT'S SO HARD TO CHOOSE UGH - I love all Ghibli films, honestly. Miyazaki is so goddamned amazing, all his stories are so captivating. And his characters. Don't even get me started. //litkid
They also draw food like there's no tomorrow. And their food looks so delicious.

3. What's a peeve(s)? cause i don't know xD
A peeve is like something you dislike and get irritated with. DICTIONARY TIME :D
Here we go;;;

Annoy; irritate.
A cause of annoyance: "his pet peeve is a noisy neighbor".
verb.   annoy - vex - irritate - rile - nettle - exasperate
noun.   annoyance

3. Ever tried frog or snail? crocodile?
I've eaten frog (it really is like watery chicken, trust me. It's quite tasty~ [asian food ftw]) and snail (escargot!), crocodile I'm not very sure though, maybe I have, or maybe it was alligator, I don't really remember ehe. I've also eaten emu and kangaroo when I went to Australia //nods.

4. If you could be reincarnated into anything, what would you be???
...a boy maybe. I've always wondered how it was like to see myself out of their eyes, but personally I still would prefer to be female it looks like we have more fun haha //shotdead

5. Favourite/most hated school subject?
Favourite; English Literature/Physics
Hated; MATH D:

6. Do you read books?? other than manga xD
YES I DO of course I do I'm a lit kid. I also need to constantly update my writing skills, and we have all these lovely authors that need lots of love so yes, yes I read.

...I actually read quite a lot haha. //currently reading Momo by Michael Ende

7. How many languages can you speak?
I'm trilingual. English, Chinese, Japanese.

8. X or Y?
If you are talking about Pokemon then X (IT'S BEAUTIFUL-) and if you're talking about regular letters then X too because XX is the female chromosome! //what the heck Jenn

9. Your lucky number?
...I don't really know, but I guess 14?
14 = my index number in 2011 and 2012 = my birthdate plus birth month (12 + 2) = something must be going on here

10. Favourite Pokemon?
YOU ASK ALL THE HARD QUESTIONS OMG WHY uhuhu I can't choose this -
...I guess I'll go with Cream the Lapras for the time being. She's such a sis! My beautiful, strong tank :heart:~


...I'm tired can I think of the questions and tag later please//

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